Golden October in Majorca with October Discount up to 40% on our Boats!


Fall in Mallorca, which officially started last Friday at 22:02 p.m., is getting warmer than usual and promises less rainfall than usual for the season. This emerges from the long-term forecast presented by the Spanish Weather Service on Wednesday.

The average temperatures in autumn are according to the long-term forecast 15 degrees. That's between 0.25 and 0.5 degrees more than usual. In October it will be 19 degrees on average - between 1 and 1.5 degrees more than normal - in November 14 degrees and in December 11 degrees.

Especially October will be warmer than usual. The THURM Yachting boat season lasts until October 31, 2018. We offer up to 40% off on our boats in October compared to the prices of the high season.

We recommend booking in advance, as the boats are booked out quickly. You can reserve and pay directly online.

The THURM Yachting Team looks forward to seeing you!

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